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All About Book Publishing, Aug Sep 2015 Issue

All About Book Publishing, Aug Sep 2015 Issue

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+ Editorial

In this era of digital virtual world, are brick-and-mortar bookshops passé? While some would say ‘yes,’ others would say ‘no.’ Every book lover knows the ecstatic feeling they get when they visit a bookshop – neatly lined up books, each clamouring for attention..

+ Publishing News

+ Skill development at Delhi Book Fair

The Delhi Book Fair is all set to open its doors. ITPO and FIP are trying their best to provide a perfect ambience for book lovers. Dr Ashok Gupta, president, FIP, in conversation with Varsha Verma, shares the various initiatives taken by them to make it successful…

+ Trade Books

Variety Book Depot marks its presence in Daryaganj
“There is scope for more bookshops in the country,” tells Om Arora of Variety Book Depot, in conversation with ABP editors SK Khurana and Varsha Verma, on the eve of opening their new showroom on main Ansari Road in Daryaganj (New Delhi), the great hub of publishing industry in India….

+ Mobile Apps

Era of Apps!!
Mobile apps are becoming very popular as people are increasingly using it for finding information, buying products/services or just for entertainment. Here, Varsha Verma finds out how mobile apps work for book and newspaper publishers.

+ Obituary

India mourns the loss of visionary
Born on October 15, 1931 at Rameswaram in Tamil Nadu, Dr Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam, specialised in Aeronautical Engineering from Madras Institute of Technology…

+ Frankfurt Book Fair

What’s buzzing at Frankfurt Book Fair?
The Frankfurt Book Fair 2015 is now on the cards. The organisers are trying their best to provide best-in-class services and opportunities to the exhibitors as well as trade visitors. Here’s an update on the what’s trending at this publishing mecca….

+ Meet the author

“Aim to write a book, readers would want to carry in their memories forever”
says Manjiri Prabhu, founder and director of Pune International Literary Festival and an author of several novels, in conversation with Varsha Verma.

+ Dr A P J Abdul Kalam

a scientist, a spiritualist, a poet and above all, a humanist

+ Chinese Bookstores Had a healthy 2014

+ Book bazaar

Why commercial fiction writers should be wary of online book-buying

+ Everyday leadership

When small means big!
In any discussion on leadership one tends to focus on the big things that make good leaders or leadership. In reality it is the small everyday things that show the leader’s true mettle and can be the biggest challenges. So what are the key everyday leadership traits we encounter or need to develop? Nitasha Devasar, managing director, Taylor & Francis India, discusses these traits…

+ Literature

For the love of literature…
Literature is evergreen…meet Laure Leroy, directrice generale, Editions Zulma, France, who only publishes literature – some from French authors and others translations from all over the world…

+ Kids & Teens Section

+ Laxmi Publications, Delhi

+ Digital print systems

Digital print systems A solution to save printed books
At the recent 2015 London Digital Book Printing Forum, manroland web systems talked of its digital finishing solution being developed to save printed books in future. The select audience attending the forum consisted of those having stakes in the development of digital book production – from reputed global publishers, self-publishers, printing companies and suppliers to the printing and publishing industries..

+ Legal publishing

“We wish to promote the rule of law”
Says Mohan Ramaswamy, managing director, India, LexisNexis Legal & Professional, in conversation with Varsha Verma. LexisNexis India was recently in news for acquiring indigenous legal publishing house -Universal Law Publishing…

+ Partners to publishers

Book printers are an integral part of publishing and help the publishers spread the printed word. Nutech Print Services is catering to many publishers, offering them solutions for all their printing needs. Here, Ravi Shroff, MD, Nutech Print Services, shares the ins and outs of the book printing business…

+ Distribution

“Discount war is plaguing the industry”
Opines Prashant Jain, MD, Indica Publishers & Distributors Pvt Ltd, (an ISO 9001:2008 certified company) in conversation with Varsha Verma…

+ The Books-En-Amee

The Books -En-Amee Pumps up reading habit of people in Patna
Situated neatly in a tranquil corner on Boring Road in Patna, The Books-En-Amee is a bookstore where people still find the culture of library quite alive and kicking. Atmanand Das, proprietor narrates to Jyaneswar Laishram about the origin and operation of his proverbial bookshop cum library in an amicable chat on a fine evening…

+ Book Reviews

+ Event List

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